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sean reardon

sean reardon (650) 736-8517
Personal bio
Sean F. Reardon is associate professor of education and (by courtesy) sociology at Stanford University, specializing in research on the effects of educational policy on educational and social inequality, on the causes, patterns, trends, and consequences of social and educational inequality, and in applied statistical methods for educational research. His primary research examines the relative contribution of family, school, and neighborhood environments to racial/ethnic and socioeconomic achievement disparities. In addition, he develops methods of measuring social and educational inequality (including the measurement of segregation and achievement gaps) and methods of causal inference in educational and social science research. He teaches graduate courses in applied statistical methods, with a particular emphasis on the application of experimental and quasi-experimental methods to the investigation of issues of educational policy and practice. Sean received his doctorate in education in 1997 from Harvard University. He has been a recipient of a William T. Grant Foundation Scholar Award, a Carnegie Scholar Award, and a National Academy of Education Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Currently teaching
EDUC 339: Advanced Topics in Quantitative Policy Analysis (Spring)
EDUC 430C: Using Data to Describe the World: Descriptive Social Science Research Techniques (Spring)
SOC 258C: Using Data to Describe the World: Descriptive Social Science Research Techniques (Spring)
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