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Shelley Goldman (Professor)

Shelley Goldman (650) 723-8422
Personal bio
Shelley Goldman studies learning in and out of school, and applies findings to the development of teaching and learning environments. Goldman's work focuses on creating opportunities for rich math learning, and understanding how design thinking and technologies can increase access to and transform learning. Goldman is on the faculty of the Learning Design and Technology master's degree program and the Learning Sciences and Technology Design doctoral program. She is also, by courtesy, faculty in Mechanical Engineering-Design Track. Shelley has been involved in the founding of three public schools (an alternativ

Currently teaching
EDUC 124: Collaborative Design and Research of Technology-integrated Curriculum (Winter)
EDUC 139: Educating Young STEM Thinkers (Autumn)
EDUC 239: Educating Young STEM Thinkers (Autumn)
EDUC 333A: Understanding Learning Environments (Autumn)
ME 139: Educating Young STEM Thinkers (Autumn)
ME 231: Educating Young STEM Thinkers (Autumn)
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