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Patricia Rose Burchat (Professor)

Patricia Rose Burchat (650) 725-5771
Personal bio
Professor Pat Burchat received her Bachelor's degree in Engineering Science from U of Toronto and her PhD in Physics from Stanford. She has been awarded the Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching, the Walter J. Gore's Award for excellence in teaching, and Judith Poole Award for mentoring. She has held the Sapp Family University Fellowship in Undergraduate Education. Prof. Burchat's research interests focus on fundamental physics: What is the Universe made of? What are the laws of physics that govern the fundamental constituents of the Universe? Prof. Burchat's research focuses on preparing to use the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope to map the "dark matter" in the universe as a probe for understanding the nature of "dark energy". She is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Currently teaching
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