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Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis srdavis
Currently teaching
MKTG 661: Attitudes and Persuasion (Winter)
OB 313: Beyond Disruption: Entrepreneurial Leadership Within Existing Organizations (Autumn)
OIT 367: Business Intelligence from Big Data (Winter)
FINANCE 207: Corporations, Finance, and Governance in the Global Economy (Winter)
ALP 304: Crossing the Chasm (Spring)
OB 670: Designing Social Research (Autumn)
GSBGEN 551: Innovation and Management in Health Care (Winter)
OB 363: Leadership Perspectives (Autumn)
OB 518: Leading Through Culture (Autumn, Winter)
STRAMGT 524: Longevity: Business Implications and Opportunities (Spring)
MKTG 243: Marketing Management, Accelerated (Winter)
HRMGT 210: Org 2.0: The Analytics of Organization Design (Spring)
OB 654: Organizational Behavior Pro Seminar (Autumn, Winter)
MKTG 332: Persuasion: Principles and Practice (Winter)
MKTG 532: Persuasion: Principles and Practice (Autumn)
MKTG 535: Product Launch (Winter)
ALP 307: Public Policy Lab: Homelessness in California (Spring)
STRAMGT 202: Strategic Leadership: Crafting and Leading Strategy (Spring)
OB 626: Strategy and Organizations (Winter)
SOC 356: Strategy and Organizations (Winter)
SOC 372: Theoretical Analysis and Research Design (Autumn)
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