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Sue Lowley (Lecturer)

Sue Lowley slowley
Personal bio
Sue received her Masters in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Texas Health Science Center. For the past 18 years she has worked as an instructor, course director, and program director in both higher education and non-profit organizations. Her academic interests are in diversity and inclusion and in student leadership confidence / competence development. Sue holds certifications as a Wilderness EMT, AMGA single pitch instructor, LNT Trainer, and ACA sea kayak instructor.

Currently teaching
OUTDOOR 10: Rock Climbing I: Beginning (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 101: Introduction to Outdoor Education (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 105: Outdoor Living Skills (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 106: Outdoor Leadership Practicum (Autumn, Winter)
OUTDOOR 11: Rock Climbing II: Intermediate (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 119: Outdoor Educator Apprenticeship (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 14: Rock Climbing: Gym to CRAG (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 15: Rock Climbing: Intermediate Anchors (Autumn)
OUTDOOR 195: Outdoor Education: Assistant Instructor (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 25: Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking (Autumn)
OUTDOOR 5: Winter Camping and Travel (Winter)
OUTDOOR 60: Introduction to Flyfishing (Autumn, Spring)
OUTDOOR 70: SCUBA Diving Open Water: Beginner (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OUTDOOR 71: SCUBA Diving Open Water: Advanced (Autumn, Winter)
OUTDOOR 72: SCUBA Diving Open Water: Rescue (Spring)
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