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Chiara Sabatti (Professor)

Chiara Sabatti sabatti
Personal bio
Chiara Sabatti studied economics and statistics in Italy, at the Bocconi University in Milan. She earned a PhD in Statistics at Stanford, where she was also a post-doctoral fellow in the Genetics department. She has spent 9 happy years on the faculty at UCLA in the departments of Human Genetics and Statistics and has moved back to Stanford in 2009, where she is currently a Professor of Biomedical Data Science and Statistics. Chiara's research focuses on genetics and genomics: she develops models and algorithms for the analysis of high-throughput data with the broad goal of understanding how the cell selectively and dynamically uses the information coded in DNA and how this translates in phenotypes of medical relevance. She enjoys teaching, and finds that the history of statistics and genetics are full of "learning opportunities." She lives on campus with her family: you might cross them walking the Dish or biking around--if you do, you have a good chance of recognizing them: they are rather loud!

Currently teaching
BIODS 260A: Workshop in Biostatistics (Autumn)
STATS 260A: Workshop in Biostatistics (Autumn)
BIODS 201: Biomedical Informatics Student Seminar (Autumn, Spring)
BIODS 290: Critical Exploration of Topics in Biomedical Data Science: Generative AI (Autumn)
STATS 260C: Workshop in Biostatistics (Spring)
BIODS 260C: Workshop in Biostatistics (Spring)
BIODS 260B: Workshop in Biostatistics (Winter)
BIODS 360: Inclusive Mentorship in Data Science (Winter)
BIOMEDIN 360: Inclusive Mentorship in Data Science (Winter)
STATS 260B: Workshop in Biostatistics (Winter)
MCS 120: Data Narratives (Spring)
DATASCI 120: Data Narratives (Spring)
DATASCI 190: The Data Science Experience (Spring)
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