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Karen Kramer

Karen Kramer (493) 083-4096
Currently teaching
OSPBER 101A: Contemporary Theater (Autumn, Spring)
OSPBER 19: Expressing Ideas: Academic German for 2nd year learners (Autumn)
OSPBER 2Z: Accelerated German, Second and Third Quarters (Autumn, Winter)
OSPBER 60: Cityscape as History: Architecture and Urban Design in Berlin (Autumn)
OSPBER 21B: Intermediate German (Autumn, Winter)
OSPBER 40M: An Intro to Making: What is EE (Autumn, Winter)
OSPBER 30: Berlin vor Ort: A Field Trip Module (Autumn, Winter)
OSPBER 1Z: Accelerated German: First and Second Quarters (Autumn, Winter)
OSPBER 3B: German Language and Culture (Autumn, Winter)
OSPBER 17: Split Images: A Century of Cinema (Winter)
OSPBER 66: Theory from the Bleachers: Reading German Sports and Culture (Winter)
OSPBER 126X: A People's Union? Money, Markets, and Identity in the EU (Autumn)
OSPBER 71: EU in Crisis (Winter)
OSPBER 77: Understanding Intl' Politics Today:┬┐From the German Philosophers to Modern Social Science (Winter)
OSPBER 31: Ways of Hearing: Exploring Berlin Through its Music (Winter)
OSPBER 22: Everyday Life in a Global Metropolis: Exploring Berlin through History, Society, and Culture (Autumn)
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