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Kian Kevin Katanforoosh

Kian Kevin Katanforoosh kiank
Personal bio
Kian Katanforoosh is Lecturer of Computer Science at Stanford University and founding member at deeplearning.ai. He co-created deeplearning.ai's Deep Learning Specialization. Kian got his Masters degree in MS&E from Stanford University, receiving the Walter J. Gores award for Excellence in teaching. He was an assistant of Dan Boneh on CS251 (Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies) and CS255 (Cryptography), before joining Andrew Ng. He holds a Masters degree from Ecole CentraleSupelec (formerly Ecole Centrale Paris.) His family has migrated from Iran to France, and he grew up next to Paris.

Currently teaching
CS 230: Deep Learning (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
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