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Kay Kostopoulos Amarotico (Lecturer)

Kay Kostopoulos Amarotico (650) 736-7817
Personal bio
Kay Kostopoulos directs and teaches acting, acting pedagogy, voice, speech, and Shakespeare in the Department of Theater and Continuing Studies Program at Stanford University. She teaches ?Acting with Power? at Stanford?s Graduate School of Business, and has coached for the Knight Fellows Journalism Program, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, and the Department of English. Kay has created and directed training programs for Stanford?s School of Medicine and co-taught a class for Symbolic Systems in the development of facial recognition for the treatment of autism. Kay most recently did the coaching for the faculty videos from the Voice & Influence program by Stanford's Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research and Lean In: http://stnfd.biz/jtwdA Kay has taught private seminars on live and on-line presentation for Genentech, Cisco, Hitachi, Lippincott, Ernst and Young, First Republic, Stand and Deliver Consulting, The National Association of Speakers, Fripp & Associates, Stanford?s Executive Program for Women and Women in Entrepreneurship Program, eBay?s Global Women?s Conference and Women In Cable Telecommunications. Her work has been featured in ?O? magazine. http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Body-Language-Signs-Body-Language-of-Women/2. She has also been featured on NPR?s Philosophy Talk radio program http://philosophytalk.org/shows/faces-feelings-and-lies for her work on understanding facial emotions in the treatment of Autism. Her work with the Knight Fellows is here listed: http://knight.stanford.edu/talks-events/2012/speaking-with-power-and-learning-to-lead/ Articles have appeared about her in STANFORD BUSINESS MAGAZINE ON LINE: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/news/bmag/sbsm2010/sbsm1005actingpower.html Her work in the jazz world and business appears in this newsletter: Stand and Deliver Consulting: http://standanddelivergroup.com/3-essential-skills-that-leaders-can-learn-from-jazz-musicians/

Currently teaching
TAPS 124D: Acting for Non-Majors (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
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