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Jiajun Wu (Assistant Professor)

Jiajun Wu jiajunwu
Personal bio
Jiajun Wu is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, working on computer vision, machine learning, and computational cognitive science. Before joining Stanford, he was a Visiting Faculty Researcher at Google Research. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and in Economics at Tsinghua University. Wu's research has been recognized through the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award Honorable Mention, the MIT George M. Sprowls PhD Thesis Award in Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making, the IROS Best Paper Award on Cognitive Robotics, and fellowships from Facebook, Nvidia, Samsung, and Adobe.

Currently teaching
LINGUIST 35: Minds and Machines (Winter)
SYMSYS 200: Minds and Machines (Winter)
PHIL 99: Minds and Machines (Winter)
CS 24: Minds and Machines (Winter)
PSYCH 35: Minds and Machines (Winter)
SYMSYS 1: Minds and Machines (Winter)
CS 348I: Computer Graphics in the Era of AI (Winter)
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