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Joshua Levi Ian Gentzke

Joshua Levi Ian Gentzke jgentzke
Personal bio
Joshua holds a Ph.D. in religious studies from Stanford, MAs in religious studies from both the University of Amsterdam and Stanford University, and a BA in interdisciplinary studies from State University of New York at Buffalo. His research, teaching, and publications focus on the intersections between marginalized religious discourses and the continental philosophical tradition, with particular interests in embodiment, mysticism, aurality, practices of self-fashioning, and the creative imagination. Joshua's current research explores ethical, existential, and philosophical issues linked to the ways that we imagine and imbue natural phenomena with moral and spiritual value by tracing the history of the interconnected images of "darkness" and "wilderness" within western religious discourse; methodologically, he is concerned with developing innovative ways to integrate sound studies, auralization techniques, and the creative arts into the study of religious aesthetics and mystical experience. Alongside his academic pursuits, Joshua is an internationally recognized musician who has released multiple albums and performed across North America, Europe, and Russia.

Currently teaching
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