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Janet Carlson

Janet Carlson janet.carlson
Personal bio
I am the faculty director of the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET) and an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford. I began my career in education as a middle and high school science teacher. After graduate school I spent 20 years working at one of the leading science education nonprofits in the US -- BSCS Science Learning. While there I lead teams that used current research on teaching, learning, and science to develop high-quality curriculum materials, create professional learning experiences that challenged teachers to consider who was getting opportunity to learn science and why as well as programs that developed leadership capacity in districts to support high-quality science teaching and learning. For that last 6 years of my time at BSCS, I served as the Executive Director of the organization. My emphasis as a leader of that nonprofit was to create financial stability while creating partnerships, conducting and using research, and keeping a focus on issues of equity in science education. In 2013, I moved to Stanford to lead CSET (the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching). I made this move because I was ready to broaden my focus beyond science education and work across the content areas in K-12 education. As the faculty director of the center my primary responsibilities are to • develop the research portfolio of the center, • collaborate with other faculty on campus, • ensure that we are bridging the gap between research and practice, • develop and maintain partnerships with school districts and other organizations, and • secure funding for our work. In addition to directing the center, I also advise doctoral students, conduct research in schools, and teach courses on research on professional development and teaching and learning. My personal research agenda at this time focuses on how teachers’ develop pedagogical content knowledge and the relationship between that knowledge and student learning.

Currently teaching
EDUC 325A: Proseminar 1 (Autumn)
EDUC 97: Science Education through Community Service (Winter)
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