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Hector M. Hoyos (Associate Professor)

Hector M. Hoyos (650) 723-3291
Personal bio
Professor Hoyos holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. from Cornell University. He was born in Bogota, where he studied philosophy and literature at the Universidad de los Andes. He is preparing two book-manuscripts, entitled Beyond Bolano: The Global Latin American Novel and El deber de la travesura: Cesar Aira y la critica cultural. His interests include visual culture and critical theory, as well as comparative and philosophical approaches to literature. Hoyos has published scholarly articles on Garcia Marquez, Roberto Bolano, urban fiction, and the late thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Currently teaching
ILAC 112Q: 2666 (Autumn)
COMPLIT 334A: Concepts of Modernity I: Philosophical Foundations (Autumn)
ILAC 334A: Concepts of Modernity I: Philosophical Foundations (Autumn)
MTL 334A: Concepts of Modernity I: Philosophical Foundations (Autumn)
ILAC 233: Current Debates in Brazilian Studies (Winter)
MTL 200: Curricular Practical Training (Autumn)
ILAC 132: Drug Wars: from Pablo Escobar to the Mara Salvatrucha to Iguala Mass Student Kidnapping (Winter)
ILAC 262: Fiction and History in the Mexican Novel (Winter)
MTL 334C: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (Autumn)
DLCL 221: Materia (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
ILAC 161: Modern Latin American Literature (Autumn)
CLASSICS 42: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
COMPLIT 181: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
ENGLISH 81: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
FRENCH 181: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
GERMAN 181: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
ILAC 181: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
ITALIAN 181: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
PHIL 81: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
SLAVIC 181: Philosophy and Literature (Winter)
ILAC 350: Roberto BolaƱo's 2666 (Autumn)
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