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Margot G Gerritsen (Professor)

Margot G Gerritsen (650) 725-3542
Personal bio
My work is about understanding and simulating complicated fluid flow problems. My research focuses on the design of highly accurate and efficient parallel computational methods to predict the performance of enhanced oil recovery methods. I'm particularly interested in gas injection and in-situ combustion processes. These recovery methods are extremely challenging to simulate because of the very strong nonlinearities in the governing equations. Outside petroleum engineering, I'm active in coastal ocean simulation with colleagues from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, yacht research and pterosaur flight mechanics with colleagues from the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, and the design of search algorithms in collaboration with the Library of Congress and colleagues from the Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering. I teach courses in both energy related topics (reservoir simulation, energy, and the environment) in my department, and mathematics for engineers through the Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME). I also initiated two courses in professional development in our department (presentation skills and teaching assistant training), and a consulting course for graduate students in ICME, which offers expertise in computational methods to the Stanford community and selected industries.

Currently teaching
CME 500: Departmental Seminar (Winter, Spring)
EARTHSYS 102: Fundamentals of Renewable Power (Spring)
ENERGY 101A: Energizing California (Spring)
ENERGY 102: Fundamentals of Renewable Power (Spring)
ENERGY 351: ERE Master's Graduate Seminar (Spring)
ENERGY 352: ERE PhD Graduate Seminar (Spring)
ENERGY 359: Teaching Experience in Energy Resources Engineering (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
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