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Amir Eshel (Professor)

Amir Eshel (650) 723-0413
Personal bio
Amir Eshel is Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature, Chair of Graduate Studies, German Studies; and, since 2005 the Director of The Europe Center at Stanford Universityâ??s Freeman Sopgli Institute for International Studies. His research focuses on the contemporary novel, twentieth century German culture, German-Jewish history and culture, and modern Hebrew literature. He is interested in the literary and cultural imagination as it addresses modernityâ??s traumatic past for its contemporary philosophical, political and ethical implications. Currently, Amir Eshel working on a new project that examines poetry, prose and narratives across media as they raise ethical dilemmas. At Stanford, he has taught courses on memory and history, modern poetry, narrative and ethics, German Romanticism, postwar German literature and culture, the contemporary novel, German Jewish literature, and the modern Hebrew novel.

Currently teaching
ARTHIST 401: World War Two: Place, Loss, History (Winter)
COMPLIT 222A: Myth and Modernity (Spring)
COMPLIT 253: Hannah Arendt: Facing Totalitarianism (Spring)
COMPLIT 343: World War Two: Place, Loss, History (Winter)
DLCL 229: The Contemporary (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
GERMAN 222: Myth and Modernity (Spring)
GERMAN 253: Hannah Arendt: Facing Totalitarianism (Spring)
GERMAN 322: Myth and Modernity (Spring)
GERMAN 397: Graduate Studies Colloquium (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
JEWISHST 242G: Myth and Modernity (Spring)
JEWISHST 342: Myth and Modernity (Spring)
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