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Todd Davies (Lecturer)

Todd Davies (650) 723-4091
Personal bio
I am Associate Director and a Lecturer in the Symbolic Systems Program, http://symsys.stanford.edu. I teach courses and do research in cognitive science and social informatics, https://web.stanford.edu/~davies. In Winter 2019-2020, I will be serving as Faculty-In-Residence at the Bing Overseas Studies Program in Oxford, and will be teaching a seminar and independent study course there.

Currently teaching
OSPOXFRD 63: Digital Technology in the UK (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 62: Digital Technology in the UK (Technical Version) (Winter)
SYMSYS 201: Digital Technology, Society, and Democracy (Autumn)
SYMSYS 291: Master's Program Seminar (Autumn, Spring)
SYMSYS 298: Peer Advising in Symbolic Systems: Practicum (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
SYMSYS 191: Senior Honors Seminar (Autumn)
SYMSYS 280: Symbolic Systems Research Seminar (Autumn, Spring)
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