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David Miller

David Miller (650) 723-0111
Personal bio
I am a professor of Electrical Engineering and (by Courtesy) of Applied Physics. My research is in the basics and applications of optics and nanostructures for handling the exponential growth in communicating and processing information. I have been at Stanford since 1996, after working as a researcher at Bell Labs. At Stanford, I have been actively involved in the photonics community, and I have taught classes in optoelectronics and quantum mechanics, and freshman seminars on different topics including "How musical instruments work" and "What is information?"

Currently teaching
EE 222: Applied Quantum Mechanics I (Autumn)
MATSCI 201: Applied Quantum Mechanics I (Autumn)
EE 223: Applied Quantum Mechanics II (Winter)
EE 65: Modern Physics for Engineers (Spring)
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