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Alma B Kunanbaeva

Alma B Kunanbaeva almak
Personal bio
Dr. Alma B. Kunanbaeva born in Almaty, specializes in cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology, folklore, storytelling, and linguistics. Her anthropological approach to research focuses on three areas: the philosophy and spirituality of nomadic life; the history and civilization of Central Asia; and oral history and the contemporary world. Graduated at the Moscow and Almaty State Conservatories, earned a Ph.D. from the State Institute of the History of the Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. From 1987--1994, she was an Associate Professor at the St. Petersburg Pedagogical University. From 1985--1989, she chaired the Research Department of Ethnography of the Peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus, at the State Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of the former USSR in St.Petersburg. Beginning 1993, she has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Washington in Seattle, and at Stanford University, among other institutions.

Currently teaching
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