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Adrian Doyle

Adrian Doyle addoyle
Currently teaching
OSPHONGK 53: Application of Vocabulary and Grammar II-Putonghua (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 54A: Communication in Context II-Putonghua (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 52: Communication in Context I-Putonghua (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 51: Beginner Putonghua/Mandarin Level 1 (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 88: Meanings of Life (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 39: Studies of Cities in Comparative Perspective (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 50: Survival Cantonese (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 89: Ethnic, Groups, Ethnic Relations and Identities (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 55A: Application of Vocabulary and Grammar III-Putonghua (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 30: Investigating Hong Kong Through Multidisciplinary Lens (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 37: Economics and Society (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 94: Advanced Topical Conversation II - Social Life (Putonghua) (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 77: Gender Studies: Special Topic I (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 70: Modern Chinese Literature (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 80: Sustainable Urban Transport (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 82: Music, Culture and Society (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 76: Cultural and Creative Industries (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 78: A Screen of One's Own: Women and Films (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 90: Application of Vocabulary and Grammar I-Cantonese (Autumn)
OSPHONGK 72: China Under Mao (Autumn)
OSPAUSTL 10: Coral Reef Ecosystems (Autumn)
OSPAUSTL 28: Terrestrial Ecology and Conservation (Autumn)
OSPAUSTL 32: Coastal Ecosystems (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 74: Dreaming of a Cosmopolitan Sea: The Mediterranean in History (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 76: Late Antique Byzantine Architecture and Art (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 47: International Conflict and Security (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 48: Gender and Politics (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 65: Comparative Political Economy of Emerging Powers (Autumn)
OSPAUSTL 40: Australian Studies: History, Society and Culture Down Under (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 10: Basic Turkish I (Autumn)
OSPKYOCT 41: Becoming a World Citizen through Japanese language: Project-based course for intermediate Japanese (Autumn)
OSPKYOCT 103A: Third-Year Japanese I (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 88: History of Istanbul: Ancient to Contemporary (Autumn)
OSPISTAN 56: Exploring Contemporary Turkiye (Autumn)
OSPKYOCT 40: Japanese Modern Architecture (Autumn)
OSPAUSTL 50: Individual Research Project (Autumn)
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