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LAW 7030: Federal Indian Law

(Formerly Law 600) This course will provide an overview of the field of federal Indian law. It will consider the origins and scope of tribal sovereignty as recognized under federal law, as well as current federal law on tribal criminal and civil jurisdiction. It will also explore the division of authority between tribal, federal, and state governments; federal statutory schemes governing Natives and Native nations; and constitutional issues affecting Natives. Additional current legal issues which may be covered based on class selection include Native land claims, gaming, family law, religious and cultural rights, and natural resources. The course includes an optional supplementary trip to the Yurok Reservation in northern California in early May. Students enrolled in Federal Indian Law who wish to seek an extra unit of credit may concurrently enroll in Federal Indian Law: Historiographical Readings in Federal Law and Policy (1 unit/Mandatory P/R/F) with instructor consent. Elements used in grading: Class Participation, Final Exam.
Terms: Spr | Units: 3
Instructors: Ablavsky, G. (PI)

LAW 7070: Federal Indian Law: Historiographical Readings in Federal Law and Policy

This is the one unit, Mandatory P/R/F component to Federal Indian Law ( LAW 7030). Enrollment is by consent of instructor. See LAW 7030 in the SLS Course Catalog for details. Students will meet five times over the quarter. Meeting dates to be arranged with the instructor. Elements used in grading: Attendance, reading assignments, and a short paper.
Terms: Spr | Units: 1
Instructors: Ablavsky, G. (PI)
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