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BIO 300: Graduate Research

For graduate students only. Individual research by arrangement with in-department instructors.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-10 | Repeatable for credit

BIO 300X: Out-of-Department Graduate Research

Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-10 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Axelrod, J. (PI) ; Barna, M. (PI) ; Bergmann, D. (PI) ; Bertozzi, C. (PI) ; Bhatt, A. (PI) ; Bintu, L. (PI) ; Block, B. (PI) ; Block, S. (PI) ; Brandman, O. (PI) ; Brunet, A. (PI) ; Bustamante, C. (PI) ; Cegelski, L. (PI) ; Cimprich, K. (PI) ; Clandinin, T. (PI) ; Contag, C. (PI) ; Crowder, L. (PI) ; Curtis, C. (PI) ; Cyert, M. (PI) ; Daily, G. (PI) ; Davis, R. (PI) ; Deisseroth, K. (PI) ; Demirci, U. (PI) ; Denny, M. (PI) ; Ding, J. (PI) ; Dirzo, R. (PI) ; Ehrlich, P. (PI) ; Feldman, M. (PI) ; Fernald, R. (PI) ; Field, C. (PI) ; Fire, A. (PI) ; Fraser, H. (PI) ; Frommer, W. (PI) ; Frydman, J. (PI) ; Fukami, T. (PI) ; Fuller, M. (PI) ; Gilly, W. (PI) ; Gitler, A. (PI) ; Gordon, D. (PI) ; Gozani, O. (PI) ; Gurtner, G. (PI) ; Hadly, E. (PI) ; Hanawalt, P. (PI) ; Heller, H. (PI) ; Huang, P. (PI) ; Jackson, P. (PI) ; Jarosz, D. (PI) ; Jones, P. (PI) ; Khavari, P. (PI) ; Khosla, C. (PI) ; Kopito, R. (PI) ; Krasnow, M. (PI) ; Kuo, C. (PI) ; Lin, M. (PI) ; Long, J. (PI) ; Long, S. (PI) ; Lowe, C. (PI) ; Luo, L. (PI) ; McConnell, S. (PI) ; Micheli, F. (PI) ; Montgomery, S. (PI) ; Mordecai, E. (PI) ; Morrison, A. (PI) ; Mudgett, M. (PI) ; Nelson, W. (PI) ; O'Brien, L. (PI) ; O'hara, R. (PI) ; Palumbi, S. (PI) ; Petrov, D. (PI) ; Pringle, J. (PI) ; Puglisi, J. (PI) ; Rando, T. (PI) ; Red-Horse, K. (PI) ; Rosenberg, N. (PI) ; Sage, J. (PI) ; Salzman, J. (PI) ; Sapolsky, R. (PI) ; Scherrer, G. (PI) ; Schnitzer, M. (PI) ; Sebastiano, V. (PI) ; Shapiro, L. (PI) ; Shatz, C. (PI) ; Shen, K. (PI) ; Shenoy, K. (PI) ; Sherlock, G. (PI) ; Simon, M. (PI) ; Skotheim, J. (PI) ; Spormann, A. (PI) ; Stearns, T. (PI) ; Steinman, L. (PI) ; Straight, A. (PI) ; Theriot, J. (PI) ; Thompson, S. (PI) ; Tuljapurkar, S. (PI) ; Vitousek, P. (PI) ; Walbot, V. (PI) ; Wang, B. (PI) ; Wernig, M. (PI) ; Wu, J. (PI) ; Wysocka, J. (PI)

BIOHOPK 300H: Research

Graduate study involving original work undertaken with staff in the fields indicated. B. Block: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology (biomechanics, metabolic physiology and phylogeny of pelagic fishes, evolution of endothermy); L. Crowder: Marine ecology, fisheries, bycatch, integrating science and policy, marine conservation; G. De Leo: Population dynamics and management, wildlife diseases, environmental policies and sustainable development; M. Denny: Biomechanics (the mechanical properties of biological materials and their consequences for animal size, shape, and performance); W. Gilly: Neurobiology (analysis of giant axon systems in marine invertebrates from molecular to behavioral levels); J. Goldbogen: Physiological and Behavioral Ecology (functional morphology and biomechanics of marine organisms): C. Lowe: Evolution of Development (origin of chordates, early evolution of body plans); F. Micheli: Marine Ecology (species interactions and community ecology, scale-dependent aspects of community organization, marine conservation and design of multi-species marine protected areas, behavioral ecology); S. Palumbi: Molecular Evolution (mechanisms of speciation, genetic differentiations of populations, use of molecular tools in conservation biology, design of marine protected areas); S. Thompson: Neurobiology (neuronal control of behavior and mechanisms of ion permeation, signal transduction, calcium homeostasis, and neutrotransmission); J. Watanabe: Marine Ecology (kelp forest ecology and invertebrate zoology).
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit
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