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BIO 230: Molecular and Cellular Immunology

Mechanisms of immune responses in health and disease. Innate and adaptive immunity; development of the immune system; molecular biology, structure, and function of antibodies and T-cell receptors; cellular basis and regulation of immune responses; infectious diseases and vaccines; allergy, inflammation, and autoimmunity. COVID-19 will be featured as a major example. Lectures and discussion in class and in sections. For upper class undergraduate and graduate students who have not had an introductory immunology course. Prerequisites for undergraduates: Biology Core, Human Biology Core, or BIO 83 and 86, or consent of instructor. For graduate students: College-level molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology, or consent of instructor.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4

BIO 230A: Molecular and Cellular Immunology Literature Review

Special discussion section for graduate students. Supplement to BIO 230. Pre- or corequisite: BIO 230 or other introductory immunology course.
Last offered: Autumn 2019

IMMUNOL 286: Neuroimmunity

Focus is on the homeostatic and pathogenic interactions between the immune and central nervous system. Topics include the role of immune cells and inflammatory mediators in the physiological functions, neural development, neuroexcitation, and the pathogenic impact of inflammatory responses. Prerequisite of Molecular and Cellular Immunology ( Bio 230) or Advanced Immunology ( Immunol 201). Otherwise, request permission from the course director to enroll.
Last offered: Winter 2019
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