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ME 104: Mechanical Systems Design

How to design mechanical systems through iterative application of ideation, analysis, computation and prototyping. Design of custom mechanical components, selection of common machine elements, and use of electric motors and transmissions to meet performance, efficiency and reliability goals. Emphasis on systems with dynamic motion designed for low mass and energy use. New material through readings, interactive lectures and laboratories. Synthesis through independent and team-based design projects. Prerequisites: PHYSICS 41; ENGR 14; ME 80; ME 102; ME 103 or 203. Recommended: ENGR 15; CS 106A. Must have PRL pass.nnThis course was formerly ME112. Students who have already taken ME112 should not enroll in this course.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: GER:DB-EngrAppSci
Instructors: Collins, S. (PI)

ME 170B: Mechanical Engineering Design: Integrating Context with Engineering

Second course of two-quarter capstone sequence. Working in project teams, design and develop an engineering system addressing a real-world problem in theme area of pressing societal need. Learn and utilize industry development process: first quarter focuses on establishing requirements and narrowing to top concept. Second quarter emphasizes implementation and testing. Learn and apply professional communication skills, assess ethics. Students must have completed ME170a; completion of 170b required to earn grade in 170a. Course sequence fulfills ME WIM requirement. Prerequisites: ENGR15, ME80, ME112, ME131, ME123/151. (Cardinal Course certified by the Haas Center)
Terms: Win | Units: 4
Instructors: Wood, J. (PI)
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