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CEE 173: Urban Water

This course explores technical, economic, institutional, social,npolicy, and legal aspects of urban water using case studies fromnlocations around the world. The course will include lectures andndiscussions. Lectures will provide foundational information on thenlink between water and human and ecosystem health, drinking water andnwastewater treatment methods, as well as policies and guidelinesn(local, national, and global from the World Health Organization) onnwater and wastewater, and the role of various stakeholders includingninstitutions and the public, in the outcome of water conflicts.nStudents will dive into details of nuanced conflicts over waternthrough case studies using discussion and debate. Course themesninclude (1) scientific uncertainty, (2) institutions, stakeholders,nand human behavior matter, and (3) complexity of the couplednhuman-ecosystem-urban water system.
Terms: Spr | Units: 3
Instructors: Boehm, A. (PI)

CEE 173S: Electricity Economics (CEE 273S)

This course develops a foundation of economic principles for the electric utility on the topics of regulation, planning, and operation. A particular emphasis is given to emerging electricity sector topics such as renewable planning and integration, distributed energy resources, energy storage, and market design. The course uses these economic principles to assess the effects of existing and proposed policy including the potential for value creation and disruption.
Terms: Win | Units: 3
Instructors: Ming, Z. (PI)
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