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PSYCH 204: Computation and Cognition: The Probabilistic Approach (CS 428)

This course will introduce the probabilistic approach to cognitive science, in which learning and reasoning are understood as inference in complex probabilistic models. Examples will be drawn from areas including concept learning, causal reasoning, social cognition, and language understanding. Formal modeling ideas and techniques will be discussed in concert with relevant empirical phenomena.
Terms: Spr | Units: 3

PSYCH 204A: Human Neuroimaging Methods

This course introduces the student to human neuroimaging using magnetic resonance scanners. The course is a mixture of lectures and hands-on software tutorials. The course begins by introducing basic MR principles. Then various MR measurement modalities are described, including several types of structural and functional imaging methods. Finally algorithms for analyzing and visualizing the various types of neuroimaging data are explained, including anatomical images, functional data, diffusion imaging (e.g., DTI) and magnetization transfer. Emphasis is on explaining software methods used for interpreting these types of data.
Terms: Win | Units: 3

PSYCH 204B: Computational Neuroimaging

This course provides an in-depth survey and understanding of modern computational approaches to design and analyses of neuroimaging data. The course is a mixture of lectures and projects geared to give the student an understanding of the possibilities as well as limitations of ndifferent computational approaches. Topics include: signal and noise in MRI; general linear modeling; fMRI-adaptation; multivoxel pattern analyses; decoding and encoding algorithms; modeling population receptive fields. Required: Psych 204a; Recommended: Cognitive Neuroscience.
Last offered: Spring 2020
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