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EE 284: Introduction to Computer Networks

Structure and components of computer networks; functions and services; packet switching; layered architectures; OSI reference model; physical layer; data link layer; error control; window flow control; media access control protocols used in local area networks (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI) and satellite networks; network layer (datagram service, virtual circuit service, routing, congestion control, Internet Protocol); transport layer (UDP, TCP); application layer.
Instructors: Tobagi, F. (PI)

EE 284B: Advanced Topics in Networking (CS 244)

Classic papers, new ideas, and research papers in networking. Architectural principles: naming, addressing, routing; congestion control, traffic management, QoS; wireless and mobility; overlay networks and virtualization; network security; switching and routing; content distribution; and proposals for future Internet structures. Prerequisite: 144 or equivalent.
Instructors: McKeown, N. (PI)

EE 384X: Packet Switch Architectures

The theory and practice of designing packet switches, such as Internet routers, and Ethernet switches. Introduction: evolution of switches and routers. Output queued switches: motivation and methods for providing bandwidth and delay guarantees. Switching: output queueing, parallelism in switches, distributed shared memory switches, input-queued switches, combined input-output queued switches, how to make fast packet buffers, buffered crossbar switches. Scheduling input queued crossbars: connections with bipartite graph matching, algorithms for 100% throughput, practical algorithms and heuristics. Looking forward: Architectures and switches for data center networks. Prerequisites: EE284 or CS 244A. Recommended: EE 178 or EE 278 or STAT 116.
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