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APPPHYS 100: The Questions of Clay: Craft, Creativity and Scientific Process (ARTSINST 100)

Students will create individual studio portfolios of ceramic work and pursue technical investigations of clay properties and the firing process using modern scientific equipment. Emphasis on development of creative process; parallels between science and traditional craft; integration of creative expression with scientific method and analysis. Prior ceramics experience desirable but not necessary. Limited enrollment. Prerequisites: any level of background in physics, Instructor permission.
Terms: Spr | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: WAY-CE, WAY-SMA
Instructors: Mabuchi, H. (PI)

APPPHYS 189: Physical Analysis of Artworks

Students explore the use of Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF) for physical analysis of material samples of interest for art conservation, technical art history and archaeology. Weekly SNSF demonstrations will be supplemented by lectures on intellectual context by Stanford faculty/staff and conservators from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF). Students will complete the SNSF training sequence for electron microscopy and undertake analysis projects derived from ongoing conservation efforts at FAMSF."
Terms: Win | Units: 3 | UG Reqs: WAY-AQR, WAY-SMA
Instructors: Mabuchi, H. (PI)

APPPHYS 290: Directed Studies in Applied Physics

Special studies under the direction of a faculty member for which academic credit may properly be allowed. May include lab work or directed reading.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Allen, S. (PI) ; Baccus, S. (PI) ; Baer, T. (PI) ; Beasley, M. (PI) ; Bienenstock, A. (PI) ; Block, S. (PI) ; Boneh, D. (PI) ; Brongersma, M. (PI) ; Bucksbaum, P. (PI) ; Byer, R. (PI) ; Chu, S. (PI) ; Clemens, B. (PI) ; Das, R. (PI) ; Devereaux, T. (PI) ; Digonnet, M. (PI) ; Dionne, J. (PI) ; Doniach, S. (PI) ; Druckmann, S. (PI) ; Dunne, M. (PI) ; El Gamal, A. (PI) ; Fan, S. (PI) ; Fejer, M. (PI) ; Feldman, B. (PI) ; Fetter, A. (PI) ; Fisher, D. (PI) ; Fisher, I. (PI) ; Fordyce, P. (PI) ; Fox, J. (PI) ; Ganguli, S. (PI) ; Geballe, T. (PI) ; Glenzer, S. (PI) ; Goldhaber-Gordon, D. (PI) ; Good, B. (PI) ; Harris, J. (PI) ; Harrison, W. (PI) ; Heinz, T. (PI) ; Hesselink, L. (PI) ; Hogan, D. (PI) ; Hogan, J. (PI) ; Hollberg, L. (PI) ; Hong, G. (PI) ; Huang, Z. (PI) ; Hwang, H. (PI) ; Jackson, R. (PI) ; Jornada, F. (PI) ; Kachru, S. (PI) ; Kapitulnik, A. (PI) ; Kasevich, M. (PI) ; Kenny, T. (PI) ; Khemani, V. (PI) ; Khuri-Yakub, B. (PI) ; Kuo, C. (PI) ; Lee, Y. (PI) ; Lev, B. (PI) ; Levin, C. (PI) ; Lindenberg, A. (PI) ; Linderman, S. (PI) ; Lobell, D. (PI) ; Mabuchi, H. (PI) ; Mannix, A. (PI) ; Manoharan, H. (PI) ; Marinelli, A. (PI) ; Miller, D. (PI) ; Moerner, W. (PI) ; Moler, K. (PI) ; Nanni, E. (PI) ; Nilsson, A. (PI) ; Osheroff, D. (PI) ; Palanker, D. (PI) ; Pease, R. (PI) ; Petrosian, V. (PI) ; Prakash, M. (PI) ; Qi, X. (PI) ; Quake, S. (PI) ; Quate, C. (PI) ; Raubenheimer, T. (PI) ; Reed, E. (PI) ; Reis, D. (PI) ; Safavi-Naeini, A. (PI) ; Schnitzer, M. (PI) ; Shen, Z. (PI) ; Solgaard, O. (PI) ; Spakowitz, A. (PI) ; Stohr, J. (PI) ; Sturrock, P. (PI) ; Su, D. (PI) ; Suzuki, Y. (PI) ; Tantawi, S. (PI) ; Vuckovic, J. (PI) ; Winick, H. (PI) ; Yamamoto, Y. (PI) ; Zhang, S. (PI)

APPPHYS 291: Practical Training

Opportunity for practical training in industrial labs. Arranged by student with research adviser's approval. Summary of activities required.
Terms: Aut, Sum | Units: 1-3 | Repeatable for credit

APPPHYS 390: Dissertation Research

Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit

APPPHYS 802: TGR PhD Dissertation

Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 0 | Repeatable for credit

PHYSICS 205: Senior Thesis Research

Long-term experimental or theoretical project and thesis in Physics under supervision of a faculty member. Planning of the thesis project is recommended to begin as early as middle of the junior year. Successful completion of a senior thesis requires a minimum of 3 units for a letter grade completed during the senior year, along with the other formal thesis and physics major requirements. Students doing research for credit prior to senior year should sign up for Physics 190. Prerequisites: superior work as an undergraduate Physics major and approval of the thesis application.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-12 | Repeatable for credit

PHYSICS 293: Literature of Physics

Study of the literature of any special topic. Preparation, presentation of reports. If taken under the supervision of a faculty member outside the department, approval of the Physics chair required. Prerequisites: 25 units of college physics, consent of instructor.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit

PHYSICS 490: Research

Open only to Physics graduate students, with consent of instructor. Work is in experimental or theoretical problems in research, as distinguished from independent study of a non-research character in 190 and 293.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-18 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Abel, T. (PI) ; Akerib, D. (PI) ; Allen, S. (PI) ; Altman, R. (PI) ; Baer, T. (PI) ; Batzoglou, S. (PI) ; Beasley, M. (PI) ; Bejerano, G. (PI) ; Bhattacharya, J. (PI) ; Blandford, R. (PI) ; Block, S. (PI) ; Bloom, E. (PI) ; Boahen, K. (PI) ; Boneh, D. (PI) ; Boxer, S. (PI) ; Breidenbach, M. (PI) ; Brodsky, S. (PI) ; Bryant, Z. (PI) ; Bucksbaum, P. (PI) ; Burchat, P. (PI) ; Burke, D. (PI) ; Bustamante, C. (PI) ; Byer, R. (PI) ; Cabrera, B. (PI) ; Chao, A. (PI) ; Chatterjee, S. (PI) ; Chichilnisky, E. (PI) ; Chu, S. (PI) ; Church, S. (PI) ; Dai, H. (PI) ; Das, R. (PI) ; Devereaux, T. (PI) ; Digonnet, M. (PI) ; Dimopoulos, S. (PI) ; Dixon, L. (PI) ; Doniach, S. (PI) ; Drell, P. (PI) ; Dror, R. (PI) ; Druckmann, S. (PI) ; Dunne, M. (PI) ; Ermon, S. (PI) ; Fan, S. (PI) ; Fejer, M. (PI) ; Feldman, B. (PI) ; Fetter, A. (PI) ; Fisher, G. (PI) ; Fisher, I. (PI) ; Fox, J. (PI) ; Frank, M. (PI) ; Friedland, A. (PI) ; Funk, S. (PI) ; Gaffney, K. (PI) ; Ganguli, S. (PI) ; Glenzer, S. (PI) ; Glover, G. (PI) ; Goldhaber-Gordon, D. (PI) ; Gorinevsky, D. (PI) ; Graham, P. (PI) ; Gratta, G. (PI) ; Graves, E. (PI) ; Harbury, P. (PI) ; Harris, J. (PI) ; Hartnoll, S. (PI) ; Hastings, J. (PI) ; Hayden, P. (PI) ; Heinz, T. (PI) ; Hewett, J. (PI) ; Himel, T. (PI) ; Hogan, J. (PI) ; Hollberg, L. (PI) ; Holmes, S. (PI) ; Huang, Z. (PI) ; Huberman, B. (PI) ; Hwang, H. (PI) ; Inan, U. (PI) ; Irwin, K. (PI) ; Jaros, J. (PI) ; Jones, B. (PI) ; Kachru, S. (PI) ; Kahn, S. (PI) ; Kallosh, R. (PI) ; Kamae, T. (PI) ; Kapitulnik, A. (PI) ; Kasevich, M. (PI) ; Khemani, V. (PI) ; Kivelson, S. (PI) ; Kosovichev, A. (PI) ; Kundaje, A. (PI) ; Kuo, C. (PI) ; Laughlin, R. (PI) ; Lee, Y. (PI) ; Leith, D. (PI) ; Lev, B. (PI) ; Levin, C. (PI) ; Levitt, M. (PI) ; Linde, A. (PI) ; Lipa, J. (PI) ; Luth, V. (PI) ; Mabuchi, H. (PI) ; Macintosh, B. (PI) ; Madejski, G. (PI) ; Manoharan, H. (PI) ; Mao, W. (PI) ; Markland, T. (PI) ; Melosh, N. (PI) ; Michelson, P. (PI) ; Moerner, W. (PI) ; Moler, K. (PI) ; Nelson, T. (PI) ; Nishi, Y. (PI) ; Osheroff, D. (PI) ; Ozgur Aydin, A. (PI) ; Palanker, D. (PI) ; Pande, V. (PI) ; Papanicolaou, G. (PI) ; Partridge, R. (PI) ; Pelc, N. (PI) ; Perl, M. (PI) ; Peskin, M. (PI) ; Petrosian, V. (PI) ; Pianetta, P. (PI) ; Poon, A. (PI) ; Prinz, F. (PI) ; Qi, X. (PI) ; Quake, S. (PI) ; Raghu, S. (PI) ; Raubenheimer, T. (PI) ; Reed, E. (PI) ; Reis, D. (PI) ; Romani, R. (PI) ; Roodman, A. (PI) ; Rowson, P. (PI) ; Rubinstein, A. (PI) ; Ruth, R. (PI) ; Safavi-Naeini, A. (PI) ; Scherrer, P. (PI) ; Schindler, R. (PI) ; Schleier-Smith, M. (PI) ; Schnitzer, M. (PI) ; Schuster, P. (PI) ; Schwartzman, A. (PI) ; Senatore, L. (PI) ; Shen, Z. (PI) ; Shenker, S. (PI) ; Shutt, T. (PI) ; Sidford, A. (PI) ; Silverstein, E. (PI) ; Smith, T. (PI) ; Spakowitz, A. (PI) ; Spudich, J. (PI) ; Stanford, D. (PI) ; Stohr, J. (PI) ; Su, D. (PI) ; Susskind, L. (PI) ; Suzuki, Y. (PI) ; Tanaka, H. (PI) ; Tantawi, S. (PI) ; Thomas, S. (PI) ; Tompkins, L. (PI) ; Toro, N. (PI) ; Vuckovic, J. (PI) ; Vuletic, V. (PI) ; Wacker, J. (PI) ; Wagoner, R. (PI) ; Wechsler, R. (PI) ; Wein, L. (PI) ; Weis, W. (PI) ; Wieman, C. (PI) ; Wojcicki, S. (PI) ; Wong, H. (PI) ; Wootters, M. (PI) ; Yamamoto, Y. (PI) ; Yamins, D. (PI) ; Zhang, S. (PI)
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