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POLISCI 450C: Political Methodology III: Model-Based Inference

Provides a survey of statistical tools for model-based inference in political science. Topics include generalized linear models for various data types and their extensions, such as discrete choice models, survival outcome models, mixed effects and multilevel models. Prerequisites: POLISCI 450A and POLISCI 450B.
Terms: Spr | Units: 3-5

POLISCI 450D: Political Methodology IV: Advanced Topics

Covers advanced statistical tools that are useful for empirical research in political science. Possible topics include missing data, survey sampling and experimental designs for field research, machine learning, text mining, clustering, Bayesian methods, spatial statistics, and web scraping. Prerequisites: POLISCI 450A, POLISCI 450B and POLISCI 450C.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3-5

POLISCI 452: Machine Learning with Application to Text as Data

Machine Learning methods are increasingly useful for the social sciences. This course introduces a framework for using machine learning methods to make social science inferences, with a particular focus on text as data. The course will explain how machine learning methods can be used to facilitate discovery, measure quantities of interest, and to make causal inferences and predictions. We will introduce a variety of methods for representing texts as quantitative data and then we will introduce a wide array of commonly used methods. Prerequisites are POLISCI 450A, 450B, and 450C.
Last offered: Spring 2019
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