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COMM 253A: Policy, Politics and the 2020 Elections: What 2020 Means for Future Campaigns and Elections (COMM 153A, POLISCI 72, PUBLPOL 146, PUBLPOL 246)

(Same as LAW 7057). This course looks back at the 2020 election campaign and tries to discern lessons and takeaways for future campaigns and elections. It will provide students with a behind-the-scenes understanding of how campaigns work. Each week, we will explore a different topic related to high-profile campaigns -- policy formation, communications, grassroots strategy, digital outreach, campaign finance -- and feature prominent guest speakers who have served and will serve in senior roles on both Democratic and Republican campaigns, including the Trump and Biden teams.
Terms: Win | Units: 2 | Repeatable 2 times (up to 4 units total)

COMM 253B: Free Speech, Democracy and the Internet (COMM 153B)

Crosslisted with LAW 7082. This course, which will be cotaught by Monika Bickert from Facebook, will cover contemporary challenges to democracy presented by the Internet. Topics will include disinformation, polarization, hate speech, media transformation, election integrity, and legal regulation of internet platforms in the U.S. and abroad. Guest speakers from academia and industry will present on these topics in each class session, followed by a discussion. Students will be responsible for one-page papers each week on the readings and a research paper to be turned in at the fall paper deadline. Students can take the class for either 2 or 3 units, depending on the research paper length. This class is crosslisted in the university and undergraduates are eligible to take it. Elements used in grading: Attendance, Class Participation, Written Assignments, Final Paper.
Last offered: Winter 2020

LAW 7031: Political Campaigning in the Internet Age

This course will acquaint students with the changing environment for campaigns posed by the rise of the Internet. So much of the traditional way analysts have understood campaigns has revolved around television as the primary mode of campaign communication. The rise of the Internet, nonlinear television programming, and mobile communication enables new forms of campaigning. With particular focus on the 2016 campaign, this course will examine the relevant social science on these topics, while at the same time bringing in guest lecturers from industry, campaigns, and media. Requirements: Students will be required to complete a 25 page research paper on a topic relevant to the course. Law students enrolled in this class will have the option of participating in a one-week extension of the course ( Law 7056) in Delhi, India during spring break for an additional credit. Students may enroll for this course alone or for both this course and Law 7056. The overseas option is limited to 12 students. (See Law 7056 for application instructions and deadline). Elements used in grading: Attendance, Final Paper. This course is cross-listed with Communication ( COMM 153 & 253).
Last offered: Winter 2017

TAPS 253T: Virtual Realities: Art, Technology, Performance

Contemporary virtual reality extends a long-standing quest to create a fully immersive, multisensory environment, a quest that may go back to the earliest cave paintings and includes such projects as cathedrals, operas, panoramas, theme parks, video games, and multimedia "happenings." What is VR's relation to this long and varied history? What are the ethics, aesthetics, promises, and perils of this new medium? What is meant by "immersion," "interactivity," and "presence," and how is VR changing those terms? How might VR relate to contemporary immersive theater and installation art - as well as to the mediatization of society more generally?
Last offered: Spring 2018
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