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LEAD 95: Ensemble Leadership

This experiential course allows students to grow as leaders through immersion in leadership positions in the Stanford Band. Study and implement frameworks and tools that enhance leadership and team performance. Topics covered include traditional leadership and governance concepts, as well as approaches specifically effective in music ensembles.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 1-3 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Gavin, R. (PI)

LEAD 100: Leadership Intensive

Strengthen your leadership skills in one of Stanford's only purely experiential learning opportunities. Leadership Intensive offers rising juniors a unique and immersive practice of leadership. Leadership Intensive is characterized by, as the name implies, intense exploration of your own leadership skills and abilities (courage required). Design thinking, diverse teams and hands-on practice are integral components of the program.
Last offered: Winter 2018

LEAD 101: Redefining Leadership as Developmental Process

Examination of sources required for authentic leadership: connections, identity, integrity and personal power. Analysis of effective leadership practices and the application to collaborative environments.
Last offered: Spring 2016

LEAD 105: Art of Facilitation

This experiential education style course allows participants to develop and test their group facilitation skills. Students will explore delivering group initiatives surrounding popular leadership topics and learn how to help their group take away valuable learning from an educational experience. Topics include: Group dynamics theories, safety, assessing the physical, human and social environment to improve group effectiveness.
Last offered: Winter 2018

LEAD 110: Mindful Leadership (CSRE 110P)

An exploration of one's inner life, ways of being in the world, and their expression in how one leads. Addresses the paradoxical task of merely paying attention to enhance our awareness of the socially constructed nature of reality and to feel comfortable to act with simplicity, empathy, and conviction. Through self-reflection, embodied practice, and creative expression through crossing borders students examine us and them. Mindful inquiry in expressed storytelling, collective knowing, appreciative intelligence, and is both scholarly and experiential.
Last offered: Spring 2018

LEAD 111: Luminaries: Lessons from Leaders and Change-makers

Encounter luminaries in the fields of leadership, business, social innovation, and change-making ranging from noted entrepreneurs and CEOs to social change agents and activists who are committed to enhancing individual and collective flourishing. Survey course format emphasizes direct, in person interactions with a broad variety of luminaries in order to discuss their models and practices and learn from their experiences. Engage at the levels of theory and practice in order to enhance one¿s own leadership toolkit and change-making capacity. Specific topics evolve quarter-to-quarter based on the group of luminaries co-creating and lecturing in the course with the instructor/s. See the course notes section for this quarter¿s line-up.
Last offered: Spring 2019 | Repeatable for credit

LEAD 112: Communicating to the Core: Weekend Campus Intensive

Explore methods that enhance listening and communication and deepen relational connection and psychological safety. Practice having important conversations, find insights within conflict, and discover how to reach epiphanies when feeling stuck in relating to others. Learn experientially through a variety of practices focusing on vulnerability, curiosity, and empathy such as listening through non-verbal channels, responding to emotionally triggering content, and asking questions without imposing an agenda. Takes place in a weekend intensive format (on campus), allowing more immersive exploration of the topic space.
Last offered: Spring 2019 | Repeatable for credit


Experiential, non-traditional learning environments to enhance leadership capacities.
Terms: Sum | Units: 1

LEAD 199: Selected Topics: Leadership Studies

Exploration of a topic (to be determined) not covered by the standard curriculum but of interest to faculty and students in a particular quarter. May be repeated with change of content. For more information regarding specific course titles, please refer to the notes of each course section.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-2 | Repeatable for credit
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