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SIW 103: Economic Growth and Development Patterns, Policies, and Prospects

This class is designed to provide an overview of the history of economic and social development, the evolution of thinking on the subject, and current debates regarding the best policy approaches to foster development objectives. To emphasize the constantly evolving nature of the policy debate on development, the text is supplemented by articles from a wide variety of sources, and some additional readings will likely by assigned from contemporary newspaper, blog and magazine articles. Grades will depend on weekly pre-class reading comments and questions, four short assignments, and class participation.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 5 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Jamieson, A. (PI)

SIW 107: Civil Rights Law

This course analyzes the major civil rights laws that Congress has enacted since the 1960s, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Fair Housing Act, the Public Accommodations ACt, the AGe Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The course provides an in-depth study of the statutory language of each of these laws, examines how courts have interpreted the statutes, and explores the policy arguments in favor and against such laws. The course also reviews the history context surrounding the enactment of these statutes, including an examination of the civil rights movement as a political and social force.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: GER:EC-AmerCul, WAY-ED

SIW 129: Women's, Maternal, and Children's Health

Terms: Win | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: GER:EC-Gender

SIW 139: Purposeful Advocacy - Changing Public Policy for Good: A Policy Maker/Advocate┬┐s Perspective

Terms: Win | Units: 5

SIW 156: Washington Policymaking: A USER'S GUIDE

Government Gridlock. Executive Orders. Court Challenges. Congressional Oversight. Presidential Tweets. Regulatory Rollback. Money in Politics. Foreign Agent Influence. Are the rules of the policymaking game changing? In this class, students will learn the advocacy and strategy tools necessary to participate effectively in the legislative and regulatory policymaking process. We will examine the practical aspects and complex intricacies of policy development at the federal level, using current and rapidly evolving topics as examples, while also drawing on historical precedents.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 5 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Eskin, A. (PI)

SIW 157: International Law

Terms: Win | Units: 5
Instructors: Jamieson, A. (PI)

SIW 190: Directed Readings

Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 1-5 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Jamieson, A. (PI)
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