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OSPKYOCT 103B: Third-Year Japanese II

Preparation for function beyond basic level in a Japanese-speaking environment by developing and enhancing communicative competence through: review of basic grammar; new grammar; reading short essays and articles with help of dictionary; short writing and speaking assignments using formal style to describe, explain, and discuss sociocultural topics; enhancing listening comprehension.
Terms: Win | Units: 12

OSPKYOCT 104B: Fourth-Year Japanese II

Emphasis on applications of correct grammar and strengthening academic communication skills through: reading longer essays, articles, and novels with some dictionary work; reading and writing assignments in paragraph format using formal style to describe, explain and discuss sociocultural topics; developing listening comprehension.
Terms: Win | Units: 12

OSPKYOCT 105B: Fifth-Year Japanese II

For students with advanced proficiency. Goals include advanced command of grammar, composition, and stylistics. Emphasis is on academic Japanese preparing students to audit classes at a Japanese university.
Terms: Win | Units: 12

OSPKYOCT 127K: Gender in Japanese Culture

his course introduces students to the workings of gender roles and images in Japanese culture and society from ancient times to the present day. We will begin with a general introduction to key terms: the notions of gender and the body, gender relations, power, performance, cultural re/presentation, sexuality and eroticism. Then we will address various gender issues in Japan from a historical and cultural perspective, focusing on the complexity of gender images and functions in Japanese history, exploring in particular the role of women in the cultural processes. We will also make references to similar gender topics in Western and other Asian societies.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 6

OSPKYOCT 199: The Public Space Potential of Kyoto's Urban Cemeteries

With a decreasing birth rate and an aging population, increasingly dense urban areas in Japan are searching for new burial methods and spaces. Potential alternatives include vertical cemeteries, scattering ashes, decomposition, and more. If these solutions are implemented, cemeteries could be reconstructed into better public spaces.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 6 | Repeatable for credit
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