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ETHICSOC 274B: Universal Basic Income: the philosophy behind the proposal (ETHICSOC 174B, PHIL 174B, PHIL 274B, POLISCI 338)

GSBGEN 503: The Business of Healthcare

GSBGEN 596: Designing AI to Cultivate Human Well-Being

HRMGT 203: People Analytics

HUMBIO 96SI: Big problems, big solutions? tackling difficult issues in today's healthcare system.

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INTLPOL 200: The Social & Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence (CS 22A)

LAW 682B: Discussion: Beyond Neoliberalism

LAW 682L: Discussion: The Ethical Robot

LAW 806N: Policy Practicum: The Future of Algorithms: Navigating Legal, Social and Policy Challenges

LAW 806O: Policy Practicum: Administering by Algorithm: Artificial Intelligence in the Regulatory State

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