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PUBLPOL 234: Ethics on the Edge: Business, Non-Profit Organizations, Government, and Individuals (ETHICSOC 234R, PUBLPOL 134)

PUBLPOL 364: The Future of Finance (ECON 152, ECON 252, STATS 238)

STATS 238: The Future of Finance (ECON 152, ECON 252, PUBLPOL 364)

STATS 315B: Modern Applied Statistics: Data Mining

SYMBSYS 2: Sym Sys: Many Parts, Cohesive Whole

No schedule information

SYMSYS 112: Challenges for Language Systems (SYMSYS 212)

SYMSYS 115: Critique of Technology

No schedule information

SYMSYS 122: Artificial Intelligence: Philosophy, Ethics, & Impact

No schedule information

SYMSYS 161: Applied Symbolic Systems: Venture Capital, Artificial Intelligence, and The Future (SYMSYS 261)

SYMSYS 208: Computer Machines and Intelligence

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