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OSPFLOR 37: The Refugee and Migration Crisis in the EU: Responses and Perspectives

OSPFLOR 67: The Celluloid Gaze: Gender, Identity and Sexuality in Cinema

OSPFLOR 76: Sociology of Migrations

OSPKYOTO 41: Queer Culture and Life in Japan

OSPKYOTO 51: Salsa in Japan:Musical Migrations and Cultural Hybridity

OSPMADRD 45: Women in Art: Case Study in the Madrid Museums

OSPMADRD 48: Migration and Multiculturality in Spain

OSPMADRD 55: Latin Americans in Spain: Cultural Identities, Social Practices, and Migratory Experience

OSPMADRD 61: Society and Cultural Change: The Case of Spain

OSPMADRD 75: Sefarad: The Jewish Community in Spain

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