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ILAC 277: Senior Seminar: Spanish and Society - Cultures of Salsa

ILAC 278A: Senior Seminar: Cervantes's Novelas Ejemplares

INTNLREL 60Q: United Nations Peacekeeping

INTNLREL 140C: The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War (HISTORY 201C)

INTNLREL 141A: Camera as Witness: International Human Rights Documentaries

ITALIAN 101: Italy: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

ITALIAN 266: Women's Voices in Contemporary Italian Literature (FEMGEN 266)

ITALIC 93: Immersion in the Arts: Living in Culture

JAPAN 82N: Joys and Pains of Growing Up and Older in Japan

JAPAN 110: Romance, Desire, and Sexuality in Modern Japanese Literature (FEMGEN 110J, FEMGEN 210J, JAPAN 210)

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