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HISTORY 12N: The Early Roman Emperors: HIstory, Biography, and Fiction

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HISTORY 20A: The Russian Empire, 1450-1800

HISTORY 20N: Russia in the Early Modern European Imagination

HISTORY 36N: Gay Autobiography (FEMGEN 36N)

HISTORY 39: Modern Britain and the British Empire

HISTORY 42S: The Circle of Life: Visions of Nature in Modern Science, Religion, Politics and Culture

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HISTORY 48: The Egyptians (AFRICAAM 30, CLASSICS 82, HISTORY 148)

HISTORY 48Q: South Africa: Contested Transitions (AFRICAAM 48Q)

HISTORY 54N: African American Women's Lives (AFRICAAM 54N, AMSTUD 54N, CSRE 54N, FEMGEN 54N)

HISTORY 91D: China: The Northern and Southern Dynasties

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