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SINY 148: Grappling with the Global: Gentrification, Immigration, and Sustainability in New York City

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SINY 168: Safe Cities: A Study of Institutional Responses to Gender Based Violence in the Global City

SLAVIC 183: Jews in the Contemporary World: The Jewish Present and Past in Film, Television and Popular Culture (CSRE 185B, HISTORY 185B, HISTORY 385C, JEWISHST 185B, REES 185B)

SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology at Stanford

SOC 2: Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology (PSYCH 70)

SOC 3: America: Unequal (CSRE 3P, PUBLPOL 113)

SOC 8: Sport, Competition, and Society

SOC 18N: Ethics, Morality, and Markets

SOC 20N: What counts as "race," and why? (CSRE 20N)

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SOC 22N: The Roots of Social Protest

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