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POLISCI 212X: Civil War and International Politics: Syria in Context (POLISCI 212C)

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POLISCI 215: Explaining Ethnic Violence

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POLISCI 226: Race and Racism in American Politics (AMSTUD 226, CSRE 226, POLISCI 326)

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PSYC 82: The Literature of Psychosis (ANTHRO 82P, HUMBIO 162L, PSYC 282)

PSYC 86Q: Psychology of Xenophobia

PSYC 144: Islamic Psychology (PSYC 244)

PSYC 286: Culture and Madness: Anthropological and Psychiatric Approaches to Mental Illness (ANTHRO 186, ANTHRO 286, HUMBIO 146)

PSYCH 21N: How to Make a Racist (AFRICAAM 121N, CSRE 21N)

PSYCH 70: Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology (SOC 2)

PSYCH 75: Introduction to Cultural Psychology

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