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LINGUIST 150: Language and Society

LINGUIST 156: Language and Gender (FEMGEN 156X)

MED 157: Foundations for Community Health Engagement

MS&E 193: Technology and National Security: Past, Present, and Future (INTLPOL 256, MS&E 293)

NATIVEAM 16: Native Americans in the 21st Century: Encounters, Identity, and Sovereignty in Contemporary America (ANTHRO 16, ARCHLGY 16)

NATIVEAM 64Q: These languages were here first: A look at the indigenous languages of California (ANTHRO 64Q, LINGUIST 64Q)

No schedule information

NATIVEAM 65: Looking out from California: Introduction to North American Prehistoric Archaeology (ANTHRO 65, ARCHLGY 65)

No schedule information

OB 110N: Savvy: Learning How to Communicate with Purpose

OB 115N: Games, Decisions and Negotiations

No schedule information

OSPAUSTL 40: Australian Studies: History, Society and Culture Down Under

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