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LINGUIST 150: Language and Society

LINGUIST 156: Language and Gender (FEMGEN 156X)

LINGUIST 167: Languages of the World

MED 157: Foundations for Community Health Engagement

MUSIC 7B: Musical Cultures of the World

MUSIC 8A: Rock, Sex, and Rebellion

No schedule information

MUSIC 14N: Women Making Music (FEMGEN 13N)

MUSIC 39B: Music and Healing (HUMBIO 179B)

MUSIC 118: Musics and Appropriation Throughout the World (AFRICAAM 218, CSRE 118D)

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MUSIC 147J: Studies in Music, Media, and Popular Culture: The Soul Tradition in African American Music (AFRICAAM 19, AMSTUD 147J, CSRE 147J, MUSIC 247J)

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