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JEWISHST 155J: The Jewish-American Novel: Diaspora, Privilege, Anxiety, Comedy (AMSTUD 145J, ENGLISH 145J)

JEWISHST 185B: Jews in the Contemporary World: The Jewish Present and Past in Film, Television and Popular Culture (CSRE 185B, HISTORY 185B, HISTORY 385C, REES 185B, SLAVIC 183)

JEWISHST 186: Jews in Trump's America and Before (HISTORY 286F)

JEWISHST 249: The Algerian Wars (CSRE 249, FRENCH 249, HISTORY 239G)

No schedule information

JEWISHST 285C: The Immigrant in Modern America (HISTORY 285C)

JEWISHST 286D: Yours in Struggle: African Americans and Jews in the 20th Century U.S. (HISTORY 286D)

KOREA 101N: Kangnam Style: K-pop and the Globalization of Korean Soft Power

KOREA 140: Childhood and Children: Culture in East Asia (KOREA 240)

No schedule information

KOREA 158: Korean History and Culture before 1900 (HISTORY 291K, HISTORY 391K, KOREA 258)

No schedule information

LIFE 101: Tools for a Meaningful Life

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