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INTNLREL 122: Introduction to European Studies (POLISCI 213E)

INTNLREL 123: The Future of the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities

INTNLREL 135A: International Environmental Law and Policy

INTNLREL 140A: International Law and International Relations

INTNLREL 140C: The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War (HISTORY 201C)

INTNLREL 142: Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing Democracy, Development and Justice (AFRICAST 142, AFRICAST 242)

INTNLREL 143: State and Society in Korea (SOC 111, SOC 211)

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INTNLREL 145: Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention

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INTNLREL 154: The Cold War: An International History (HISTORY 166C)

INTNLREL 168: America as a World Power: U.S. Foreign Relations, 1914 to Present (HISTORY 152K)

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