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HISTORY 260D: The Asian American Movement: A History of Activism (ASNAMST 160D)

HISTORY 260K: Exploring American Religious History (AMSTUD 91, CSRE 91, RELIGST 91)

No schedule information

HISTORY 261G: Presidents and Foreign Policy in Modern History (INTNLREL 173)

HISTORY 263D: Junipero Serra

No schedule information

HISTORY 274E: Urban Poverty and Inequality in Latin America

No schedule information

HISTORY 275B: History of Modern Mexico (AMSTUD 275B, CHILATST 275B, CSRE 275B, HISTORY 375C)

HISTORY 282D: Knowledge and Violence in the Middle East (ANTHRO 182D, ANTHRO 282D, CSRE 182C, HISTORY 382D, SOC 182H)

HISTORY 282F: History of Modern Turkey

HISTORY 285G: The Holocaust: A Study in Genocide (HISTORY 385G, JEWISHST 285G, JEWISHST 385G)

HISTORY 287D: A Survey of Jews in the Contemporary World (HISTORY 387D, JEWISHST 287D, JEWISHST 387D)

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