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ASNAMST 100: Introduction to Asian American Studies (AMSTUD 100)

ASNAMST 201: Doing Community History: Asian Americans and the Pandemic (AMSTUD 200R, HISTORY 200R)

ASNAMST 261: Introduction to Asian American History (AMSTUD 261W, HISTORY 261E)

ASNAMST 298: Race, Gender, & Sexuality in Chinese History (CSRE 298G, FEMGEN 298C, HISTORY 298C, HISTORY 398C)

BIOE 122: BioSecurity and Pandemic Resilience (EMED 122, EMED 222, PUBLPOL 122, PUBLPOL 222)

BIOMEDIN 156: Economics of Health and Medical Care (BIOMEDIN 256, ECON 126, HRP 256)

No schedule information

CEE 33C: Housing Visions (URBANST 103C)

CEE 107A: Understanding Energy (CEE 207A, EARTHSYS 103)

CEE 107S: Understanding Energy - Essentials (CEE 207S)

CEE 118X: Shaping the Future of the Bay Area (CEE 218X, ESS 118X, ESS 218X, GEOLSCI 118X, GEOLSCI 218X, GEOPHYS 118X, GEOPHYS 218X, POLISCI 218X, PUBLPOL 118X, PUBLPOL 218X)

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