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BIOHOPK 182H: Stanford at Sea (BIOHOPK 323H, EARTHSYS 323, ESS 323)

BIOHOPK 185H: Ecology and Conservation of Kelp Forest Communities (BIOHOPK 285H)

BIOHOPK 187H: Sensory Ecology (BIOHOPK 287H)

No schedule information

CEE 6: Physics of Cities

CEE 63: Weather and Storms (CEE 263C)

CEE 64: Air Pollution and Global Warming: History, Science, and Solutions (CEE 263D)

CEE 70N: Water, Public Health, and Engineering

No schedule information

CEE 174A: Providing Safe Water for the Developing and Developed World

CEE 178: Introduction to Human Exposure Analysis (CEE 276)

CHEM 25N: Science in the News

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