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BIOE 80: Introduction to Bioengineering (Engineering Living Matter) (ENGR 80)

BIOHOPK 174H: Experimental Design and Probability (BIOHOPK 274H)

BIOHOPK 177H: Dynamics and Management of Marine Populations (BIOHOPK 277H)

CEE 195: Fundamentals of Structural Geology (GS 111)

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CME 100: Vector Calculus for Engineers (ENGR 154)

CME 100A: Vector Calculus for Engineers, ACE

CME 102: Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers (ENGR 155A)

CME 102A: Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers, ACE

CME 103: Introduction to Matrix Methods (EE 103)

CME 104: Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations for Engineers (ENGR 155B)

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