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ESF 15: Education as Self-Fashioning: College and the Good Life

ESF 15A: Education as Self-Fashioning: College and The Good Life

ESF 16: Education as Self-Fashioning: Curiosity

ESF 16A: Education as Self-Fashioning: Curiosity

ETHICSOC 20: Introduction to Moral Philosophy (PHIL 2)

ETHICSOC 130A: Classical Seminar: Origins of Political Thought (CLASSICS 181, CLASSICS 381, PHIL 176A, PHIL 276A, POLISCI 230A, POLISCI 330A)

ETHICSOC 131S: Modern Political Thought: Machiavelli to Marx and Mill (POLISCI 131L)

ETHICSOC 170: Ethical Theory (PHIL 170, PHIL 270)

ETHICSOC 172: History of Moral Philosophy (PHIL 172)

No schedule information

ETHICSOC 175B: Philosophy of Law (PHIL 175, PHIL 275)

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