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CHINA 151B: The Nature of Knowledge: Science and Literature in East Asia (CHINA 251B, JAPAN 151B, JAPAN 251B, KOREA 151, KOREA 251)

CHINA 153: Chinese Bodies, Chinese Selves (CHINA 253)

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CHINA 154Q: Utopia/Dystopia in Chinese Literature and Culture

CHINA 160: Classical Poetry: Reading, Theory, Interpretation (CHINA 260)

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CHINA 163: Chinese Biographies of Women (CHINA 263)

CHINGEN 95: Beauty and Decadence in China (CHINGEN 195)

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CLASSICS 9N: What Didn't Make it into the Bible (JEWISHST 9N, RELIGST 9N)

CLASSICS 14N: Ecology in Philosophy and Literature

CLASSICS 18N: The Artist in Ancient Greek Society (ARTHIST 100N)

CLASSICS 19N: Eloquence Personified: How To Speak Like Cicero

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