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THINK 53: Food Talks: The Language of Food

No schedule information

THINK 55: Understanding China through Film

THINK 57: Progress: Pro and Contra

THINK 59: Worlds of Sound: Learning to Listen

THINK 60: American Enemies

URBANST 27Q: Sophomore Seminar: Three Detectives, Three Cities

URBANST 153: CAPITALS: How Cities Shape Cultures, States, and People (COMPLIT 100, DLCL 100, FRENCH 175, GERMAN 175, HISTORY 206E, ILAC 175, ITALIAN 175)

URBANST 182: Activating Urban Spaces: Materializing Hidden Narratives in the Urban Environment (ARTSINST 182)

URBANST 184: Paris: Capital of the Modern World (FRENCH 140, FRENCH 340, HISTORY 230C)

URBANST 186: Creativity: Anatomy of a Buzzword (ARTSINST 184)

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